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  • Narco Avionics Repair Specialist
  • 40 Years of Experience 
  • Quality Work at Fair Prices 
  • Specializing in Older Avionics 






(818)  780-5562

  • Radio Repair
  • Specializing in Older Avionics
  • Magnetic Anomalies Resolved 
  • Magnetic Compass Calibration 
  • 24 Month Pitot Static & Altimeter Certification

We offer a wide range of avionics-related services. Please call our office to discuss your avionics repair questions and we'll address your needs from there.

With over 40 years of experience in the avionic's repair, Mike is prepared for any avionics situation and will make sure you are cared for with the best service.

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Mike Wegner 

Fast Turnaround On All Shipments 

Easy Fly-In Access at KVNY

 Located on Van Nuys Airport
7646 Hayvenhurst Ave. 
 Van Nuys, CA 91406 

 FAA Repair Station WZ2R284L

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​Mike's Avionics